Am I the last person to find out Snoop Dogg microwaves his blunts?

Should we all be doing this?

Snoop claims microwaving his blunts for 11 seconds, “traps all the flavors” within the blunt.  Let’s have a look at the logic

Cannabis in it’s raw form is THCa, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is non psychoactive.  When THCa is heated, it’s converted into Delta-9-THC.  (Roughly 104*C, 219*F for about 15-20 mins baking time)

What does it do?

The microwave doesn’t generate “heat” but rather “excites the molecules” within whatever is placed inside.  The temperature of the microwave varies depending on the wattage.  Snoop uses a 900-watt microwave, which averages about 104*C.  So, it would technically be able to activate the THC within the blunt. 

Blunt wraps are typically soft and moist to help prevent breakage.  Snoop claims putting them in the microwave “tightens them up” and “locks in the flavors”.  This makes sense considering the first thing that would evaporate from the blunt is water, making it “tighter”. 

What about locking in the flavor?

Flavors and aromas in cannabis come from terpenes and flavonoids and they react to heat.  When the molecules are excited, they will begin to evaporate.  The blunt acts like a tube and prevents the evaporation of flavors.  It very possible the flavor does get trapped in the blunt. 

Is there any research behind this?

Nope, more research is needed, and I doubt anyone would fund that.

Why 11 seconds?

Because 11:11, just kidding. Who knows?!

Does it work?

I tried microwaving my blunt and I it does increase the flavor and potency.  It’s like how we dry our blunts with a flame before smoking.  If you’re looking for added flavor and potency, give it a try.  I think you’ll find the microwave does “tighten it up” & “lock in the flavors”.

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