Why THC Limits and Medical Marijuana Taxes Need to Be Stopped

I’m going to inject my opinion about the Florida legislature’s recent efforts to cap THC content for MEDICAL marijuana at 10%, as well as impose a rather hefty tax. 

After seven years of serving as a Florida Registered Nurse (in the hospital, home health and 4 years in Medical Marijuana), it’s clear to me that we have two major health crises here in Florida that need to be addressed immediately: opioid addiction and the lack of mental health care. 

When I worked in the hospital, I had patients who would injure themselves deliberatley so that they could be re-admitted and receive pain medication. They were addicted to them. We lost so many patients as a result of addiction and the insane amount of pharmaceutical medications prescribed by physicians, paired with the increasing tolerance of patients.  Some of my closest friends have had their lives ruined over the use of legally prescribed opioids and benzodiazepines.  But we don’t see them making any effort to stop that, do we?  What’s their real agenda?

Let’s first discuss the 10% THC cap on MEDICAL marijuana. 

Isn’t that discriminatory against patients, like myself, who receive the most relief from smoking medicine?  Smokable cannabis flower provides me with the immediate relief I just can’t get from other methods.  I use MEDICAL marijuana for debilitating pain associated with endometriosis and polycystic ovaries syndrome, as well as for treating anxiety and major depressive disorder.  The THC percentage range that works best for me is 18-22%.  What do they propose I do to feel relief? Like many others, pharmaceuticals never worked for me. They made me feel numb.  Why is there no effort to limit the strength of pharmaceutical medications being prescribed that are harming our citizens?

Now let’s talk about this hefty tax on MEDICAL marijuana. 

We must consider that PATIENTS are paying an annual fee of $75 to the state and are required to pay out of pocket – not covered by insurance – for the doctor referral.

PEOPLE are SUFFERING and DYING, not only those dealing with addiction or mental health issues, but also their family, friends, co-workers and communities.  Some of these people could benefit from medical marijuana. 

Many have lost their businesses/jobs due to current climate of our world.  Why would they want to place hefty taxes on these people who are suffering?  Is it because they have the option to get free, not to mention addictive pharmaceuticals from our government?  Hmmm. 

Let’s not forget recreational dispensaries were closed in other states being deemed non-essential and non-addictive, while liquor stores stayed open because of the severe withdrawal and addiction.  

Forget the taxes, we need to allow home grow!

We all need to wake up our leaders as to the false stigma that has been placed on cannabis.


Follow this link to find your rep.

By Nurse Colleen Murray

Nurse Colleen is a Florida Registered Nurse specializing in medical marijuana. She is the co-host of the 710 Morning Show, along with her fiance Pete Sessa, which covers marijuana related topics in a LIVE stream every weekday morning at 7:10AM. Ms. Murray has served in as a nurse the hospital, as a home health aide, managed medical marijuana clinics, as well as worked with several Florida dispensaries in thier early stages. Follow @nursecolleenmurray on Instagram and be on the lookout for her and Pete coming to a town near you in the Big Green Bus.

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